Friday, March 21, 2008

Engineering Brains (Oh yes!) # 2


It was yet another march and the heat was on. And not just literally! It was time for campus recruitment and every deserving candidate was busy buying formals (or borrowing them), shining up their shoes, shaving off their prized goatees and chopping off their their ponies, the manifestation of a year's hard work! And for the rest of us, who hardly met the eligibility criteria and had all the time on this earth, were trying to keep ourselves busy and content with the mock group discussions and mock interviews organized by the college's training and placement cell. In one of these mock G.Ds, we were given a certain case to study upon and discuss our views.

The case was somewhat like:

"A detergent company reduces its prices to compete against the launch of a similar product by a rival company. As a manifestation of this, the consumer forum launches a case against the company for fleecing customers all this while. The court rules the case in favor of the company but all the publicity creates a negative impact upon the customers. So as the brand manager, what would you do to revive your product in the market?"

All of us were inputting our ideas and it was just about turning into a stimulating discussion when a certain student stole the show with the brightest solution one could possibly come up with! " The consumer forum tried to defame us by filing a case against us.", started this young lad, "So why don't we file back a case against the consumer forum?"

(Oh yes dude, that's exactly what we should do to get our consumers back....file a case against them!)

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